spray tans


What brand of spray tan do you use?

We use Black Magic Tan.

 Black Magic is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

what do i need to do prepare?

You will need to shave, exfoliate and moisturise about 24 hours before your tan – focusing on elbows and knees. The day of your tan make sure you skin is free of all product including deodorant.  Wear loose fitting clothes and if its raining bring an umbrella. Your tan always looks best on day 3 so if you have an event on Saturday, Thursday is the best day to tan.

how long does it last?

The average spray tan lasts about 7-10 days but this all depends on how dark the original tan was. Lighter shades can fade after 5 days. We recommend a Tan Xtend to help keeping your tan looking great for longer.

what is the after care?

You will need to keep your tan completely dry for between 2 – 8 hours after your tan (this will depend on how dark you want it, your technician will talk you through this). You will need to moisturise your tan daily to keep it looking good. A spray tan does not protect you from the sun so you will also need to wear an SPF. 


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